About Us


RADD; The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety, is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries through edutainment.

  • Cause-markets road safety using music themes
  • Focuses on impaired and reckless driving prevention especially the disturbing new trend of mixing drinks, drugs and speed
  • Targets adults, teens, college students and military with its programs
  • Builds and maintains coalitions
  • Empowers community leaders, especially law enforcement
  • Offers science-based programming
  • Serves as the 5th E” in Road Safety: to Enforcement, Environment, Emergency Medicine, Education, RADD brings Edu-tainment to capture the attention of ages 18 – 34

Next Steps…

Join our RADD team.  We are always looking for generous donors, brands, partners (campus, hospitality, retail) and college students looking to becomes RADD Campus Ambassadors..

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