RADD-ONDCP Ohio Teen DUID Summit 2014

Summit Composite on Drugged Driving

Opening Comments for the RADD-ONDCP
Teen Drugged Driving Summit

Erin Meluso, President, RADD

Welcome / Insurance Perspective from Bill Windsor

Welcome from Lt. Col. George Williams, OSHP

Morning Session Presentations

Director Botticelli, ONDCP

Chairman Hart, NTSB

Michael Witter, NHTSA

Jonathan Adkins, GHSA

John Born, ODPS

Dr. James Lange, RADD

Dr. Ralph Hingson, NIAAA

Erin Holmes, TIRF

Dr. Ali Mohamadi, M.D., FDA

Afternoon Panel Sessions

Constance Boehm

Sgt. Wesley Stought

Marcie Seidel

Christine Merritt

Master Sgt. Christopher Griste

Jason Demeter


Michael Botticelli, Director, ONDCP

ONDCP Director Michael Botticelli - without Pixel

James Graham, Ford Motor Company

Ford Driving Skills for Life

Separate Interviews

NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart

GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins

NHTSA Regional Administrator Mike Witter

Dr. Ralph Hingson, NIAAA

Sgt. Wesley Stought

Bill Windsor, Nationwide

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