Entertainment Lawyers for RADD


  • This newly formed group will coordinate activities among entertainment lawyers across the country who support RADD and its mission (see reverse side of this page).
  • RADD in turn will support these lawyers who seek to benefit from association with RADD
    • National and Local RADD events, such as seminars, parties, networking events
  • RADD seeks to engage leaders of this group, who will shape the organization to accomplish the goals they seek.
    • Establishment of subcommittees of interest would be undertaken by the members
  • Interested parties should contact lawyers@radd.org
  • Membership will be $35 per year, but until January 15, 2017 a one year membership will be $20.
  • Members of Entertainment Lawyers for RADD will be eligible for discount tickets to all RADD events, at which there is a charge.